PAT. NO. Title
1 6,964,083 Caster for baby carriage
2 6,957,688 Roll apparatus of continuous caster and cylindrical roller bearing for supporting roll of continuous caster
3 6,944,910 Caster wheel assembly with anti-flutter control
4 6,931,692 Kingpin-free caster assembly
5 6,923,456 Shopping cart having caster lift
6 6,904,641 Adjustable eccentric axle caster assembly for pallet truck
7 6,893,032 Caster supported mobile tray
8 6,892,793 Caster roll
9 6,892,421 Oblique angled suspension caster fork for wheelchairs
11 6,886,216 Caster leg assembly with adjustment locking means
12 6,877,185 Caster device for movably supporting a load
13 6,866,609 Continuously variable traction drive with traction rollers having a caster angle
14 6,865,775 Hospital bed caster apparatus
15 6,865,774 Caster device
16 6,854,568 Caster braking device
17 6,854,567 Caster lock indicator
18 6,854,160 Caster assembly for a bed frame member or furniture
19 6,854,159 Swivel caster
20 6,839,939 Hubless caster
21 6,839,938 Hubless caster
22 6,834,746 Caster brake system
23 6,826,800 Insert-and-play caster assembly
25 6,809,323 Isolated frame caster
28 6,772,478 Mini-ball bearing caster
29 6,760,953 Caster assembly
30 RE38,555 Continuous chain caster and method
32 6,748,623 Chair caster
33 6,728,991 Caster assembly with sliding side support piece
34 6,725,501 Caster with universal mount and swivel and wheel lock
36 6,705,625 Caster arrangement for use on access floors
37 6,698,060 Caster structure
39 6,688,616 Suspension camber and caster adjustment system
42 6,662,404 High load bearing central-braking caster
43 6,661,505 Method and system for measuring caster trail
44 6,659,696 Caster securing mechanism
46 6,637,071 Integrated caster and leveler
47 6,626,449 Double-castered wheel trailer having lockable caster wheels
48 6,625,846 Caster for robot
50 6,619,438 Caster braking and locking structure
Caster wheel assembly with anti-flutter control
Caster block and wheel lock for wheelchair
Integrated front lower shock mount, axle spacer and caster wedge
Curve length measuring apparatus having caster
Releasable caster holder
Shock and vibration isolating caster suspension
Method and apparatus for intermediate thickness slab caster and inline hot strip and plate line
Tilted axle multiple wheel caster
Dust-proof caster with a brake mechanism
Twin-wheel caster for furniture items having a collar surrounding the pivot pin
Retractable caster assembly having a lever in rolling engagement with a pressure plate
Caster brake and swivel lock
Caster and swivel lock assembly
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